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Jatin visits Mikheyev’s unit as Research Intern

I am Jatin Arora. I came to know about Prof. Alexander Mikheyev and his Ecology and Evolution unit at OIST in October, 2013. I was intrigued about the potential offered by using non-model systems, e.g. the species of honey bees, ants, snakes etc. to understand how organisms interact with their environment. In debut, I worked at [...]


NTU Group Visit

OIST-NTU Invasive Ant Symposium

We were the proud hosts of Dr. Scotty Yang’s research group and his colleagues from Taiwan National University. His research group specializes in studying the patterns of ¬†dispersal in a variety of invasive ant species. We were treated to a wide range of topics, including a few fascinating finding about Wolbachia distributions in invasive ants. [...]