Goodbye Invitrogen ripoff product

With the help of Ken Meacham of the Bandi Unit, we have successfully used some magnets to inexpensively 3D print our own magnetic stands based on this design and some inexpensive magnets. They look like cheap imitations, but just as well, if not better, and cost orders of magnitude less (last I checked the commercial stand [...]

home-made rack

Ovophis okinavensis

Quantitative proteomics of snake venoms paper published

Thanks to the hard work of Steve, and the help of Alex and Roy in mass spec, we were able to quantitatively measure protein concentrations in the venoms of two local snake species. The paper just went online in BMC Genomics.

Host-associated genomic differentiation paper recommended by F1000

It was a long, hard road, but our paper is getting some recognition! F1000′s Dr. Ian Wang writes that “this finding highlights the importance of considering multiple factors, including dispersal, population sizes, spatial variation in ecologically-important traits, and population histories, for understanding how ecological adaptation contributes to patterns of differentiation throughout the genome.” I hope [...]